Monday, October 8, 2007

Almost a Cardigan

I'm getting so close with the Tangled Yoke cardigan! I finished the cable, which was definitely the most difficult cabling that I've done. I really didn't enjoy tinking rows that were 400+ stitches...and I certainly had to. Undoing those 5-stitch decreases when I did them in the wrong place was pretty miserable too. A few lifelines would have been a pretty good idea.

I think it looks a little small for me here, but it's still on the needle (32", rather than the suggested 40"), which isn't really long enough to let the sweater relax all the way without stitches falling off. Once it's finished and blocked it should be fine.

Now I just have to learn how to do short rows!


Arachnera said...

Don't worry: short rows aren't too difficult. You just won't be knitting to the end of each row before you turn around. How are you doing on yarn usage? (I'm thinking of making Tangled Yoke and after I saw your sweater on the KAL I thought I might just try it in Palette.)

Scholastica said...

I just finished--it took about 6 1/2 balls of the Palette. That's 20% or so less than the yardage recommended for my size.

However, I should point out that my gauge swatch was a little off, with the result that my finished dimensions were 2-3 inches smaller than the schematic. That would account for some of the extra, although not all of it.