Friday, November 16, 2007


Just about a year ago, as a very new knitter, I started the most ambitious knitting project I may ever do. (That's probably not true. I'm highly likely to do it again.) I had no idea.

But it's finally done!
Pattern: Heere Be Dragone
Designer: Sharon Winsauer
Yarn: Lisa Souza Alpaca Lace in Mars Quake

Now, it still needs to be reblocked. I had already started soaking it before I remembered that it would probably need a larger blocking surface than what I had available. I don't have carpet, or a large bed, so there really wasn't any way to expand the surface. So basically just laid it flat, with very minimal stretching (just enough to be able to see the borders a bit), and didn't bother trying to get straight edges. I know this isn't permanent. I think that, in order to get nicely blocked lace, it will have to be at least 12" wider and a few inches taller, but I won't know the final dimensions until then. It should also make the pattern stand out better when it has been stretched better.

I won't say that it was fun to knit--it was way too hard for me (at least, when I started). I made a lot of mistakes, and because I didn't have the patience or the skill to properly fix them, I did lots of fudging. But I learned a lot about knitting lace, I learned tons of new stitches, and I feel a vague sense of awe that I made that. Isn't it fun?


Angelika said...

Congrats on the dragon. It's hard to see on the picture, but I know what it looks like. Can't wait to see it all finished and blocked.

Sam said...

I love this project! The dragon shawl is impressive.

Anonymous said...

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